Cameron Joseph

MbChb Student

Growing up with two parents in the healthcare industry, Cameron Joseph has always seen medicine as his home and the place where he belongs. “It’s always been the niche where I wanted to make a difference,” says this 4th year MbChb student. Classmate and clinical partner Joshua Goldberg describes Cameron as someone that understand that a good doctor treats a disease but a great doctor treats a patient.

With his passion for paediatrics and community health, Cameron was paired with mentor Professor Liesl Zühlke. An award winning leader in her field of paediatric cardiology and a research and global health advocate, Zühlke is a Professor in Paediatric Cardiology at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. “Mentorship is critical for young healthcare professionals,” says Prof. Zühlke. “What you teach during those times are what you can’t teach in the classroom or the lecture halls or from the books. It also shows where the passions lie, why people do what they do.”

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