Luvo Ntayiya

Pharmacy Student

Luvo Ntayiya, a qualified Pharmacist Technician from a rural town in the Eastern Cape, is a first year B. Pharm student at Nelson Mandela University. Since the global pandemic hit and universities closed, Luvo felt like he couldn’t just sit at home, so he decided to step up and help where he can as a frontline worker.

“I have been practicing as a part-time technician at Link pharmacies,” Luvo says. “With my B. Pharm degree, I am hoping to go back to where my passion was birthed, where people struggle and suffer from health issues. I want to be the change I have always desired.”

Luvo was paired with his mentor pharmacist Ntutu Sibango. Ntutu believes that mentorships are important because the next generation can learn from both the mistakes and the skills of more experienced professionals. “I think the most important thing is empathy,” Ntutu says. “It’s not only tablets that heal, but empathy for patients.”

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