Abdullah Khan


Abdullah Khan is a pharmacist who spends his days giving back to his community through the Athlone Pharmacy. Abdullah has served the community for 27 years, where he is considered a vessel of hope and provision – thanks to his extensive outreach work and compassion for people. 

About ten years ago, Abdullah saw a growing need in the community for a diabetic support group as more and more patients came in for assistance with diabetes. This demand saw him initiate the support group Diabetic 101. Founded through volunteers, it has significantly grown in the community and hosts regular meetings aimed to educate, empower and ensure patients are able to control their condition and find support. The group also invites specialists in the field to give talks, address the members, and share advice.

Abdullah and the pharmacy also have a passion for supporting the youth in the area by assisting with school sports initiatives as well as other outreach initiatives at local schools. He extends his generosity by assisting with the funding of uniforms for students in need and providing schools with first aid kits and much-needed stationery supplies. During the height of the pandemic, Abdullah and Athlone Pharmacy ensured that the nearby schools all had the correct on-site thermal thermometers and equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Abdullah’s heart also lies in helping two children’s homes in his community – the Christine Revell Children’s Home and Leliebloem House. He supports both of these homes with medical supplies and first aid kits as well as food and other essential donations regularly. He also goes further with his help by supporting the local home for the aged, Beit-ul-Aman, with adult incontinence supplies and more. 

It is because of Abdullah’s continued compassion and drive to serving the community of Athlone, that the community and their collaborative NGO’s and NPO’s have joined forces to thank him and show him how much his good works are appreciated.

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