Anil Lalla

Pharmacist and Owner - Vitacare Penlyn

For Anil Lalla, the suburb of Penlyn in Cape Town has always been home. It’s where he lives, where he started his first job, and where he still manages Vitacare Pharmacy today, just 200m from his front door. “I think community building is exceptionally important. If we can all look after each other, who will need looking after?” asks Anil.

Aasia Fredericks, a regular customer of the boutique pharmacy, says Anil takes a personal interest in everyone’s lives, and knows them all by name. “That’s the kind of guy he is and it’s how Vitacare Penlyn operates. It’s all about the people and the community.”

Anil supports Active Bodies Sports Development, which provides opportunities to under privileged youth in sport and cycling. “Sometimes you just need a catalyst to do good work,” says Abbas Harris of the group. “In our communities, we just need more of those people and if we can have 100 Anils, I’m sure the community will be a different place.”

When asked what he thinks bravery is, Anil simply says. “All of us grow up with the notion of wanting to change the world… What I’ve resigned myself to do is to make a difference within my community, in my little microcosm. And if everyone can make a difference in their immediate space, the bravery in that community will surely come out.”

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