Kelly Robinson & Cheryl Kuit

Co-Owners Tyrone Pharmacy

Kelly Robinson & Cheryl Kuit are the co-owners and leaders at the helm of Tyrone Pharmacy – a saving grace for the community it serves in Parkview.

The Tyrone Pharmacy’s motto is ‘Take Good Care’. It’s a motto they strive to fulfil through supporting community initiatives. From school fundraising events and blanket drives to providing free masks to those in need and supplying vitamins to their local Old Age home (Park Care) and necessities for the local baby shelter (Princess Alice Adoption Home).

Beyond this, the pharmacy is dedicated to facilitating feeding schemes with vitamin-enriched meal supplements for some of their severely malnourished homeless community members. During the COVID pandemic, their generosity continued through their support of many small BEE and home businesses by buying and selling their masks, biscuits, soaps and more through the pharmacy – allowing them to make a living and support their families. The pharmacy also regularly assists with projects in the paediatric health industry that aims to help underprivileged babies and children dealing with illness.

Continuing to go above and beyond, both Kelly and Cheryl are driven by a passion and desire to give back to their community and it keeps them motivated daily.

“I absolutely love what I do. I’m invested, I like supporting, I think it’s a challenge that every day you do not know what you’re going to be presented. But there are so many people out there that need help and it is wonderful to know that maybe just the laughter, a caring word, or a few tablets makes a change for someone’s life out there.”

Cheryl Kuit

It is because of their generous nature that the community of Parkview and their collaborative NGO’s have stepped out to shower them with gratitude and praise. 

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