Thaheir Alli

Pharmacist & Owner Atlantis Pharmacy

akesh Daya, a pharmacist at Nikitas Pharmacy, lives his life dedicated to serving the community of Lenasia South like a true hero.

With 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, Rakesh is driven by a passion to serve his community and always gives back in any and every way he can. Aside from ensuring extended availability and top tier service to their clients, Rakesh and Nikitas Pharmacy go above and beyond through regular volunteer work as well as community outreach services.

Rakesh and the pharmacy actively volunteer with schools, sports organisations, and local clinics and offer outreach programmes that ensure local healthcare testing at schools and community organisations’ open days.

However, their generosity doesn’t end there. Rakesh also hosts open days for free cholesterol and diabetes testing, consults the local councillor to help draft the health portfolio, and initiates feeding schemes within the community. When asked what drives him to consistently go above and beyond, he had this to say:

“I always strive to perform my duties with complete and utmost sincerity and honesty… I love my job and always prepared to go the extra mile for my patients and my community.”– Rakesh Daya

It is because of Rakesh and Nikitas Pharmacy’s undying passion and generosity that the community of Lenasia South and their collaborative NGO’s have stepped out to shower them with gratitude and praise.

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