Thaheir Alli

Pharmacist & Owner Atlantis Pharmacy

Thaheir Alli is the pharmacist and owner of Atlantis Pharmacy and a much loved member of his community.  

Having been at the pharmacy for the past 12 years, Thaheir is well-attuned to the daily struggles of the residents in his community. This has fuelled him with the passion to give back.

Over the past decade, he has initiated and supported multiple outreach programmes, always looking to help the vulnerable. His many projects assist the elderly, underprivileged children and look to uplift the youth through educational initiatives. His good works even extend beyond Atlantis with the construction of the Sadia Islamic Educational and Community Centre in Delft. Thahier is also a volunteer at the CTIEC (Cape Town Islamic Educational Center) which involves winter blanket drives, feeding schemes, and more.

One of his most impactful projects is a weekly feeding initiative that assists between 300 to 400 people in the community. He and his team provide local residents in need with a hot meal, and grocery parcels and a bottle of water that they can take home with them. He and his wife, also procure nurses on site every second week to assist the community with regular HIV and TB patient monitoring and health checks. They also check the blood pressure and sugar levels of the elderly in the area and offer them health and medical advice.

It is because of Thaheir and Atlantis Pharmacy’s continued care and compassion that the community of Atlantis and their collaborative NGO’s have stepped out to celebrate him and show him the love and appreciation he has poured into his community over the years. 

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