Vivian Chengalroyan

PhD Candidate, Pharmacy

“Bravery isn’t just doing. It’s courage with action. It’s persevering when there’s resistance.”

This is the lesson that Vivian Chengalroyan, a PhD candidate in Pharmacy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, has taken out of the Covid-19 pandemic. She says being a healthcare professional during these trying times has changed her outlook on the future and heightened her passion for helping others.

Her mentor, leading pharmacist Dr. Sham Moodley from Care Natraj Pharmacy in Durban highlighted Vivian’s commitment and dedication, “What Vivian brings to the table is a loving personality which I think is critical for patient care,” Dr. Moodley says.

Mentorships can mean a lot to the next generation of healthcare professionals in South Africa Dr Moodley goes on to say. “Mentorship provides the necessary guidance to them… We’ve been through the mistakes and there’s no need for them to remake those mistakes.”

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